When I lost my beloved animal companion, Peanut on April 11, 2015 I was blessed to have a large facebook community to support me through my loss.  I still feel a strong connection with those that went through this experience with me and my husband and have been able to keep Peanut alive through memories and sharing.  I realize that many others that suffer a tragic loss of a companion do not have this type of support.  I want others to be able to have a place of validation for their grief as well as a way to truly celebrate their relationships with animals past and present.

How can you help?  I am looking bloggers to help me by contributing writing, art and music in honor of animal companions to beyondrainbowbridge.blog.  In addition to posting about their animal companions, I would like them to also serve as volunteers to help others honor their companions.  I also would like to start compiling a list of people who would like help creating something on behalf of their animal companion so I can match them up with a volunteer.  Simply fill out this questionnaire and help me launch this project!