Writing and animals, more recently birds, are two of my passions. Every pet is special in their own way. I dedicate my first post to Perlita, who came into my life on June of 2011 and she completely stole my heart. Since I’m going to share some stories about her, I think it’s best to start by introducing her to you. She was a Normal Gray Pearl cockatiel and to me, she was anything but normal. She was playful and funny, adventurous and charming, and very independent.  She weaned herself faster than she was supposed to. And I said ‘herself’ because one day, she just decided that she was done with hand feeding formula and it was time to be a big cockatiel and try some ‘adult food’, aka cockatiel food.   In the brief time that I enjoyed her company, she rocked my world. Every morning was a happy start with her cheerfulness and everywhere I went inside our home, she was right there with me. She made sure that I knew that, as soon as she heard me wake up. Walking back and forth inside the cage floor making herself get noticed until I finally opened the door for her to come out and greet me. She was a happy ‘tiel’ and if she was happy, so was I. That’s why I never wanted to clip her feathers, even though my family told me more than once to do it so I wouldn’t lose her in the event that something unexpected happened. I loved seeing her fly happily and freely inside our house that was her world.  Sadly, that same decision was going to determine her future. She was with me for six short months. But oh boy, it seemed that she shared her life with me far more longer than that. I lost her, but in my heart she’s still with me.  I will talk more about her in my next posts. I first wrote about her in 2012. Writing helped me. It also has helped keeping her memory alive in my life. ♥