When Peanut was no longer able to fly due to her faulty landing gear, she took on a new area of work and became a Professional Petting Bird.  This was a very honored title in which she took very seriously.  She would travel and meet new people and allow them to scratch her head.  Even the most inexperienced scratchers were welcome to scratch.  She allowed children to scratch.  Her gentle way and her inability fly made her less threatening to people who had a fear of birds and they would tentatively touch her tiny head.

In the evenings, after a long day at work I would find comfort and peace by petting her.  I would make sure to get all of those special little areas around her ear, which would make her unhinge her jaw and “peep” with sweet joy.  I miss these precious moments, but so glad that she was able to bring joy to me and so many of those who met her.