I‘ve never been a dog person. I always loved dogs, I just didn’t want one. I always found them too needy. I was always a cat person. After my Siamese cat crossed the rainbow bridge, I had other cats. None were Lexy and I never really got as attached to them.

After I had been without a pet other than a bird for quite sometime, I decided I wanted a small dog. My cousin moved next door to me and I had fallen in love with her big ‘ol Mastiff, Taz. I saw in Taz a caring soul. She loved me even though she wasn’t my dog. She needed me and I realized, I needed her. I not only wanted a little dog, I needed one. Because even though I had my husband and children, I needed someone else to love that would love me and be my best friend. I needed that special relationship only a dog can give.

This all came to light when I married my husband. I’d had a partial hysterectomy years before and could no longer have children. I’d never experience that part of a loving marriage with him. I needed that void filled. Maybe a loving companion would help.

I searched awhile but was unsuccessful in finding a small dog. It seems everyone wants small dogs. Even the local pound only had bigger dogs. I felt disappointed but good things come to those who wait right?

I also learned in this same time frame the ovary I had left had a cyst on it causing me pain. It had to come out. Any hope of even having a surrogate was about to fly out the window. You see, that ovary was left so my body still made hormones. My doctor informed me once my ovary was gone, I’d hit menopause, more than likely 3-5 months later. She was wrong. Three days after surgery, it hit me. I found myself crying hysterically and couldn’t stop. I got to where I couldn’t even breathe. I was a devastated lump of what I had been.

My husband went next door and got my cousin. She came down immediately, a black and white Shih tzu on a leash. She sits down beside me, holding me while I sobbed and sobbed. She told me she had bought Sophie for me. I cried harder but forced a smile, after all, someone had just done something nice for me, and reached for the dog. Sophie ran across the room yelping. I cried that much harder. When Bobby went home, Sophie went with her.

A week or so goes by and I’m still crying almost constantly. My husband feels helpless. When he leaves me alone in tears I’m both shocked and once again, even more hysterical. It didn’t take long for me to get a text message. It was Bobby saying ‘come and get your dog.’ She had gotten attached to Sophie fast and my husband had went down and asked her if he could have the dog for me.

I scraped myself up and walked down the street. I expected the same treatment from Sophie as before. But when I went in the house, she ran to me, tail wagging. I lifted her up and she wagged more and licked my face. Of course…I cried. Sophie cuddled deeper into me.

I brought her home, and just like a miracle, she laid in my lap and all of the tears disappeared. She slept with me. She followed me everywhere. She went on rides with me. I had my new best friend.

It’s been three years now with Sophie and she’s still my best friend. Though I have three other dogs now, (I’ll share that story soon), Sophie is still my number one. She’s still the only thing, person or animal, that is allowed in my “bubble” at all times.

Sophie has been my savior.