As animals depart from our lives, our hearts can be racked with pain so deep we consider never taking on a new animal relationship, not wanting to feel the same pain again.  To be alive is experiencing the full range of our emotions. To deprive ourselves of life experiences in apprehension of the pain instead of the possible joy, limits our experience of living.

I am still morning the loss of our cockatiel, Peanut. As I think back of our times together, there is a sweetness in my sorrow.  Each moment we had was worth the emotional impact of losing her.  The endless birdie kisses.  The excited feather rustling.  The nestling under my chin. The “I love you” peeps.

Our little red minpin, Buck, who has been in our family now for a year and a half now has little grey hairs appearing on his chin and new speckles on his belly. His time line for life is moving much faster than mine. I cannot get caught up in the limitations of our time together. Each moment I come home I hear him bolting down the stairs in excitement.  I drop to my knees and chase him around in circles around the living room until I catch him and give him kisses.  I will take each moment in the present a experience life in full joy and sadness.