I already wrote about my Shih tzu, Sophie, and how she was my savior. When she came into my life, I was content with one dog. Then came Jack.
My cousin and best friend, Bobby, lives beside me. She’s known to rescue animals and find them loving homes. It was September and Bobby had gone to get some chickens. When she arrived, the family told her the chickens were their grandfather’s and that he was in the hospital on life support. They asked if she’d take his Jack Russell terrier, Jack, whom he’d had since he was a puppy. Bobby agreed to take the dog, who was then 10 months old, and find him a home. She had him for about an hour and when she got home, Jack bit her and ran.
For a month, Bobby and her family as well as mine tried to catch him. We live off of a busy highway and we knew what his fate would be. Many times one of us would sneak up on him and about have him and he always got away. He deserved a good home and I wanted to catch him so he could have one.
My husband decided to start leaving him food in our yard. Little by little Jack came to our house to eat and drink. After a few days, my husband started holding the food in his hand. Jack was hesitant and shy but after a few more days, he ate out of my husband’s hand and he was able to catch him. I took a photo of him holding and loving on Jack, his tail wagging.
Now I didn’t want another dog. Sophie was enough. But my husband brought him inside and insisted we keep him. I fell in love with him. I made an appointment to have him neutered because of Sophie. Because I was going through the Humane Society, I had to wait. To make that long story short, Jack and Sophie got together and within a few weeks, Sophie showed signs of pregnancy.
While Sophie was pregnant, Jack became a nuisance to her. We decided that it was best to re-home Jack and I gave him to a friend who lived in a mid-sized city 20 miles away. The same night I was sick and regretful. I knew I was wrong so I text the guy to check on Jack and he told me he’d taken him out to use the bathroom and he’d run away. Now I was really sick. It then became my mission to go to this city and find my dog.
It took multiple trips to the city to follow leads. At one point he was about 25 feet in front of me. I said ‘come here to mommy.’ His tail wagged and he took a step toward me an some woman yells at me, cursing me because my little big-eared dog had been “terrorizing” her pitbull. Jack heard her and bolted. On foot, I followed him for about an hour, seeing him almost be hit by a panel truck. Every time I went there because of him being seen, I left defeated.
Multiple posts on social media was what it took for me to get some relief. I checked the city’s lost pet site to see if anyone had seen him. Someone had posted he had been found. A lady who was a teacher had let her dogs out before going to work and when she let them in, Jack followed. She’d seen he was missing, and kept him inside. The friend who took him had contacted his girlfriend and asked her to pick him up after work. It was a long day. I left here at 3. When I got to her house and she let me in, Jack ran to me. I haven’t let him go since.
On Christmas Day 2013, Star and Noel were born. I now have this beautiful little family unit of dogs. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
I know some will judge me for ever giving him away. Please understand, at the time, I thought it was for the best and that I knew immediately I had made a mistake.
Regardless, Jack is with me, safe and happy, and has the forever home he deserves.