bird-shower-1When I was in 20’s, Peanut and I lived together on our own for a couple years in a studio apartment.  During this time she was about 12 years old. I would take bath’s with the bathroom door open and Peanut would fly into the bath with me.  It became part of the routine.  She would hear the shower or bathwater running and perk up with excitement. I would hear her feathers beating as she took off to join me. I got used to the claw marks that came along with our joint bathing routine, but it was certainly fun for the both of us.  Singing in the shower is much better if you have have a bird with you tweeting along.

In her later year’s bathing became exciting for her once more, as my husband learned how much she loved bathing.  It became routine for her again.  Since she was unable to perch, Joe would create a special bathing area for her in a shower caddy. Lined with towels, Peanut preen in the cascading warm water he would drip on her body.  The warm water also felt really good on her sore feet.  After preening she would often fall asleep.  This would scare us because she would lie so still.

After the shower, Joe would roll her up in washcloth.  She would nap a bit longer and then when she was ready, she would ease her way out of her birdie burrito.