Here’s a memorial tribute to my sweet birds! They are at the Rainbow Bridge. The first two are Sam and Joker. Nikki is on the top right. Fritz is on the blue towel on the bottom right.

I adopted Sam at age 15. He was a little whistler. He could whistle like a siren, say “pretty bird” and loved head rubs. Sam died at the old age of 22. He passed April 15, 2012. I really miss him! 😞 ❤

A man I worked with told me about a bird breeder in Weston, Ohio. That’s where Joker came from. Joker hatched in April 2006. I remember the first time I met the clutch that she came from. Joker was dancing around. I told Mr. Church, the breeder, I wanted the “dancing bird”. Joker ended up being female, but I still wanted her to be Joker. She loved head rubs, dancing, and her octopus toy. Sadly enough, Joker passed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 26, 2014.

Fritz came to stay with me for awhile because an acquaintance was moving. He was a talker and whistler like Sam. He loved bathing in his water bowl and calling himself a “pretty bird”. I ended up keeping Fritz because the owner no longer wanted him. He was a big boy. I called him my little football player. He loved perching on me. Fritz stayed with me for 9 months before passing over the bridge in August 2010. 😞 ❤

Nikki was my brother-in-law’s little girl. Nikki loved to fly around a lot and perch at the top of my Christmas tree. I ended up keeping Nikki because my brother-in-law didn’t think she was getting the attention she deserved. It was very sweet of him to give her to me! Nikki was very shy, but she always came to me for cuddling. Heartache struck in February 2010 when Nikki was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to be put to sleep. ❤ 😞

Rest in peace sweet Sam, Joker, Nikki and Fritz 😞 ❤. I will see you at the bridge someday. ❤ mama Janell Scott